Tuesday, April 29, 2008


to those who have found their way to this tiny, booze-besotted corner of the interweb! For those of you who aren’t searching frantically for the back button (it’s usually on the left), an introduction seems in order.

My name is Chris, “Rookie” to some, “Hey you” to others still. Apart from the vagaries of everyday life, I'm something of a well-read amateur mixologist - or a drunken reprobate with a steady hand behind the shaker - whichever you might prefer.

I love cooking, classic cocktails, experimenting with new libations and infusions & similar feats of cleverness, although not in that (or any) order. I feel quite strongly that good hospitality is one of the most important virtues a person can share with the world – life is far too short to do anything but have a good time in good company.

To these ends, following a fair volume of writing on various spirits & cocktail forums, I have elected to publish this blog so that I might share my passion and knowledge in a (more or less) consolidated format. Here you will find my semi-weekly ramblings - largely recipes, researches and random thoughts - on matters related to good drink, food & hospitality.

If you like what you see feel free to drop me a line, or use anything you find here as you like – although I would kindly request that any original content (©) be given credit where it is due…


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Helena said...

Ciao Chris! Nice to see your blog!

Look forward for the reading..