Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cocktailian Kisses...

As I'm certain many of you, like myself, have some manner of Valentine's Day plans, I'll keep this one short and sweet. While I'm not a proponent of holiday-themed cocktails, I happen to think that the following libation is quite appropriate for this particular 'holiday', to say nothing for how delicious the classic, if little-known, drink is.

The deceptively-simple beverage in question hails from the pages of Tiki legend Victor "Trader" Bergeron's 1946 Book of Food & Drink. As 'Vic notes, his Hawaiian-named short hoist is a, "cute name [means "kisses" in the aforementioned language] and a dandy drink. Forget it's a cocktail. In fact, double it, put it in a larger glass [...] and you've got a pretty good around-the-clock-drink."

Indeed; though I'll interject an additional note on this one - as it relies on a harmonious combination of a small number of ingredients (passing strange for a Tiki drink, I know), it's very important for said components to be of as high a quality as possible - particularly the spirits. Be cautious with the citrus too; in my area at least, this time of year often brings an annoyingly variable (read: fickle) quality/ripeness to Lemons & Limes.

That said, if you're making this little tipple for your significant other this Valentine's (or on any odd day), there's no need to tell them this kiss came from me - I'll let you take all the credit...

Honi Honi
1 oz. white Rum (Old New Orleans)
½ oz. Apricot Brandy (Marie Brizard Apry)
½ oz. fresh Lemon juice
Combine ingredient in a mixing glass with plenty of ice & shake well. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Doubling the recipe as per Vic's suggestion is a good plan and will likely ensure a real kiss or two...

Cheers & Happy Valentine's Day!


Craig Hermann said...

While the contemporary recipe for the Honi Honi (as you'd get it in Trader Vics today) is lovely It doesn't match the original. In case you'd like to try it:

Contemporary Honi Honi

2 oz Bourbon
1 oz Lime
1/2 oz Orange Curacao
1/2 oz orgeat

Basically, a Bourbon Mai Tai.

Chris "Rookie" Stanley said...

Indeed, a Bourbon Mai Tai-ish concoction. I'll have to give that a try as I've just gotten some tasty Bourbon.

Cheers & thanks for the recipe Craig!

Anonymous said...

Oh Chris, you should! its more than a lovely drink!

The version you have here i habven`t tried yet but i shall.


Chris "Rookie" Stanley said...

Will do T - tonight even ; )

Just as general commentary, for the Rum in the original Honi Honi recipe, try messing about with different flavorful rums of quality.

T. Vic originally called for Havana Club white or a Puerto Rican variety. But white Demerara (ED), Haitian (Barbancourt), even Dominican (Brugal) are all great combos for it. I've yet to try it, but Agricole Blanc (or maybe a blend of AB w/ a non-AB white rum) might even fit here - thoughts T?