Sunday, October 12, 2008

MxMo XXXII: Guilty Pleasures

This (only nominally) guilt-ridden installment of Mixology Monday is being hosted by Stevi over at Two at the Most. Her chosen theme? Guilty pleasures of course, or those 'cocktails' which are well-loved or enjoyed even though we know, or are just constantly told, are no good for us. This theme, undoubtedly chosen for just such a purpose, will almost assuredly result in no small amount of mockery across any number of cocktailian blogs, to say nothing of the already snarky dialogue peculiar to the Mixoloseum. Bring it on I say & we'll exchange remarks over a round (or five) of Irish Carbombs...

I don't quite know how guilty I am about enjoying this particular beverage, however politically-incorrect or tactless its' name & method of consumption may be. I love a good pint of heavy, as they say, and Guinness is a fine example. Likewise, I enjoy a drop of Whiskey, particularly the Irish varieties. As for the cream liqueur (Bailey's in this case), well maybe I'm a little guilty about that, but nobody's perfect.

The recipe, merely a variation on the venerable boilermaker, is outrageously simple. This, above all else, makes this beverage an especially easy choice when out on the town in an establishment of...questionable virtue. Incidentally, despite its universally Irish components, due to its' name this drink might not be the best thing to order in a "real" Irish bar (much like a "Black & Tan") - a bloody shame since the Guinness is always better in that sort of place:

The Irish Carbomb
½ oz. Jameson's Irish Whiskey
½ oz. Bailey's Irish Cream
12 oz. Guinness Stout
1x (sturdy) Pint Glass
1x (sturdy) Pony shotglass
Pour the Guinness into a chilled pint glass. In the pony, layer the spirits in the order presented. As quickly as you are able, carefully drop the shot into the pint glass - no spilling now! When the pony hits bottom, it's bottoms up - much like a (far more classy) Fizz, a Carbomb does not improve with time.

Best enjoyed with friends - preferably a whole dive bar's worth - with loud punk music (I prefer Rudie Can't Fail or Anarchy in the UK myself) blaring from the jukebox...

Cheers, enjoy & don't be too serious!


Tiare said...

Never tried the Irish Carbomb yet..Nothing wrong with your choice of music here and i can really imagine this as a good combo!


Jacob said...

Hey, we're on the same page here!

Wonder if we'll be the only two...

Chris "Rookie" Stanley said...

Tiare - that's right, you're into alot of the same early ska/punk/reggae music as me. Cheers to that!

I'm thinking we might be Jacob, despite Jeff Morgenthaler's admitted love of Bailey's he apparently dislikes the humble Carbomb. Ah well...

keith waldbauer said...

To hell with that Morgenthaler chap. The Irish Car Bomb kicks all sorts of ass. My friends and I do one before every sporting event we attend. Come to think of it, maybe we'll do one tomorrow before the US Presidential debate!!! The symbolism may nab me a call from the Secret Service, but hell, the Irish Car Bomb is delicious!!!!

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